REBECCA GRACE                 

Welcome to My World

Where Romance Lives...

While Danger Lurks...

 From the northwest... to the southwest... to the shores of LA

You're now traveling a road set in the exciting world of author Rebecca Grace. 

I write romance, suspense and mystery novels, novellas and short stories.

All my fiction tales are filled with romance, intrigue and there's always an element of danger.

My newest book is my first mystery, a humorous look into the world of broadcast journalism:


She's a television anchor with a wardrobe to kill for, a house on the beach and a sexy boyfriend... but now that boyfriend is dead and she's a suspect.  Her next TV appearance may be in a prison uniform... and her home may be The Big House.

Now available from The Wild Rose Press and at and Barnes and Noble


Although my primary work is my fiction writing, I also teach writing classes and coach/mentor aspiring writers.  If you have writing questions or would like to see which classes I am teaching, please email me at

Also if you would like help developing great characters, another of my books might be helpful to you. Available at, and available for order from bookstores. Available in ebook or printed form.