As Becky Martinez I've taught writing classes through online workshops and in person presentations.   I also write nonfiction books on how to write. Visit my/our web site on non-fiction at and my shared site with Sue Viders at .  There you will find a plethora of information to help you write your own novels. 

 Rebecca Grace


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 Welcome to my World 

Where Romance Lives While Danger Lurks

Welcome to my special world

As Rebecca Grace, I write romance, western, mystery and  suspense novels, novellas and short stories.  Visit my blog, My Writing Corner, at

Two New Romantic Suspense Novels

Uncover the Secrets of Sara  
When Marianne Lopez arrives in the small Colorado town where she was born and raised, she knows she must face Brad Calhoun, the man who once broke her heart. Rancher Brad Calhoun has never forgotten the special time he spent with Marianne, but he also knows they want different lives. Both carry memories of a night of stolen love. Do the secrets of Sara hold the key to their future?

Can they find the Dead Man's Treasure
Freeda Ferguson has always been a "free spririt" at heart, carefree and given to wandering. But now she has met Patrick Sanchez, a buttoned down attorney who wants things his way. As they search for a possible lost fortune, will they find love is the real treasure?